Established in Germany in 1984, the Jeremias Group has grown to become Europe’s premier manufacturer of Flue, Chimney, and Exhaust systems. With seven production sites worldwide and 1,700 employees, they provide high-quality, innovative heat and energy production solutions in the Commercial and Industrial sectors.

The UK division of Jeremias was established in 2012 and has experienced consistent growth ever since. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/2021, sales plateaued. Recognising the need for a comprehensive business review, the UK directors approached Marshall Mahoney Ltd (MM Ltd) for assistance.

After an initial consultation, MM Ltd thoroughly appraised Jeremias UK’s operations, including workflow processes, procedures, technology, and business reporting. The findings led to five key areas of improvement:

  1. Workflow Management (Atlassian JIRA) Process: MM Ltd began by analysing the existing workflow processes at Jeremias UK, identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement. After weighing the pros and cons of building a bespoke workflow management system against existing software, MM Ltd recommended the implementation of Atlassian Jira. The team customised Jira to suit Jeremias UK’s specific needs, integrated time-tracking capabilities, and provided group training sessions to ensure a smooth transition.

The adoption of JIRA led to increased transparency and accountability across the organisation. Employees gained better visibility over work items and projects, improving collaboration and reducing the risk of overlooked tasks. The real-time performance reporting enabled management to track productivity and make timely adjustments to optimise workflow.

  1. Business Reporting and Data Consolidation (Data Warehouse) Process: MM Ltd consolidated data from multiple sources across different departments into a single cloud-hosted Data Warehouse. They performed a thorough data cleansing process to ensure accuracy and consistency across all records. With the Data Warehouse in place, MM Ltd implemented Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools to provide enhanced analytics, data visualisation, and presentation capabilities.

The Data Warehouse empowered Jeremias UK to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, allowing them to identify trends, make predictions, and implement new strategies. This streamlined approach to data management provided a competitive advantage in the market and helped Jeremias UK regain control of their data destiny.

  1. Client Ranking (Better Definition of Customer Base) Process: MM Ltd used the Data Warehouse to analyse historical trading activities and client engagement, creating a comprehensive overview of the customer base. By segmenting clients based on sales areas and performance, they identified high-performing clients and those with potential for growth. MM Ltd then devised an automated algorithmic scoring system, connected to the quote and estimate software via an API, to provide real-time client scores.

: The new client ranking system enabled Jeremias UK’s team to allocate resources more efficiently, focusing on high-potential clients and maximising conversion rates. This targeted approach to customer management allowed the company to nurture relationships more effectively and increase revenue.

  1. Tribe Approach to Collaborative Team Working Process: MM Ltd introduced the ‘Tribe’ approach by reorganising Jeremias UK’s teams into cross-functional groups, promoting collaboration and communication across departments. They provided training sessions and ongoing support to facilitate this cultural shift, fostering a shared sense of ownership and responsibility for project outcomes.

: The Tribe approach led to enhanced problem-solving and a more effective sharing of expertise, resulting in improved productivity and a stronger company culture. The increased collaboration empowered employees to contribute their unique skills and knowledge, ultimately driving the business forward.

  1. Management Account Packs and Client Packs with Detailed KPIs Process: To provide Jeremias UK’s management team with actionable insights, MM Ltd created Management Account Packs and Client Packs, featuring detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on business and client performance. These customised reports were designed for easy access and analysis, allowing management to make informed decisions rapidly and efficiently.

: The Management Account Packs and Client Packs allowed Jeremias UK’s management team to monitor performance, identify areas for improvement, and take decisive action when needed. With these comprehensive reports at their fingertips, the company was better equipped to respond to market changes and drive continued growth.



With the support of Marshall Mahoney Ltd, Jeremias UK implemented effective strategies across five key areas, resulting in streamlined processes, increased productivity, and a strong foundation for continued success in the Commercial Flue sector. Reach out to Marshall Mahoney Ltd for a free consultation and discover how they can help your business take control of its data destiny.

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